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    I would like to invite you to islam ,i know it`s weird to recieve such a mail from somone you don`t know, but actually it`s important that each person on the planet of earth to receive the universal message, & the last one, which is islam.

    i know that you may have some doubts about islam , or maybe you never thought about it, but actually when you discover the beauty of that message, which isn`t only a religion or faith to have it in the heart, it`s a daily practicing thing, that you can`t stop thinking of.

    it doesn`t prevent you from doing your usual things, on the contrary, it does encourage you to keep practicing them , & not preventing yourself from anything, only prevents you from doing things that may harm you or harm others.

    also ,the entertainment activities you like to practice, may cause you to gain a reward by doing them, because it simply releases your energy & directs you towards positive things, & prevents you from negative things.

    islam does make you fulfill all aspects of life , your spirit, your body & your mind.
    it does not give one side a priority over the other , each is important, & each must be taking care of.

    hope that you would give it a thought, i`m really looking forward to receive your reply, & i`m willing to answer any doubt you have in mind about islam (by the will of god)

    thank you very much for listening.

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    sa va ?

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    salu sa va ?...

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    Salut Que la musique soit avec toi

    VINTAGE VENDETTA groupe rock du 54
    10 vidéos de concerts en fin de blog mets des com's.......si tu veux !

    Concerts à venir :

    L'OSTRA - 34 bd d'Austrasie Nancy 54000-----Le 26 /05/ 2010 à 21h00-----

    LE HUBLOT- 138 av.de la Liberation Nancy 54000----- Le 28 /05 /2010 à 21h00-----

    LE COCOCABANA - 5 Bis bd Robert Serot Metz 57000------ Le 04 /06 :2010 à 21h00------

    FESTVAL ROCK - Parc /Chateau Madame De Graffigny - 27 rue Albert 1er Villers-les-Nancy 54600------ Le 19 /06 /2010 à 21h00------

    Kiss Toino V V